Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2: Great Places, Great Faces

Today, we saw a ton!  We drove all the way across South Dakota, Wyoming and about 100 miles into Montana.
We started off in Sioux Falls, SD at about 6am.  We hadn't gone far, when we started seeing signs for "The World's Only Corn Palace".  Of course, we had to stop:
 Then, we stopped at Wall Drug, which is like South of the Border, only in South Dakota.

Yes, that's Aaron on a giant jackalope.

Next, we went to Mt. Rushmore.  The drive was beautiful!  We didn't walk any of the trails, but the views were spectacular!

part of the drive to and from Mt. Rushmore
The rest of South Dakota was pretty neat.  We drove past Sundance, WY (where the "Kid" got his name....not the home of the Sundance Film Festival and Robert Redford).  Here are some landscape pics:

This was at a gas station somewhere in Wyoming!
And, before I-90 turned north, we saw the Rocky Mountains from the road.  You could see snow on the peaks (if you look close enough!):

Tomorrow, we're off to Great Falls, MT to ride the flowrider! 

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