Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 6: Trail ride, Lift ride & huckleberry milkshakes

Today was just an awesome day!  We had such a great day! 

First, we went for a two hour trail ride through Glacier National Park on the Upper McDonald Creek Trail.  It was run by Swan Mountain Outfitters
Swan Mountain Outfitters Glacier Division - Lake McDonald Trail Rides
image via the Swan Mountain Outfitters website
 Their staff was top-notch, really knew the trails, horses and how to talk to people.  Neither of us have been on a horse in probably 10 years, but it was like coming home.  And yes, I did keep my heels down, Allison!  We unfortunately couldn't take any photos, it was a liability issue, and thats fine!  At times, we needed both hands holding on to the horse, not the camera.  My (Amanda's) horse, Rock,  was very gassy, which was funny to me, but not to Aaron, who was behind me.  Aaron's horse, Bullet, was a good boy.  Aaron really liked him.

After that, we stopped for  huckleberry milkshakes (YUM) at the Huckleberry Patch shop and restaurant.

Then, we drove through the town of Whitefish to go to the Whitefish Resort and take a ski-lift (gondola) ride to the tip top of their mountain. 

I'm standing in snow!
Aaron throwing a snowball at me!
It was such a great day!  Any of those parts were great on their own, but combined, just make the day so special.

Tomorrow (Friday), we're off to Kellogg, Idaho to visit our friends Megan and Travis and to flowride at Silver Mountain Resort. 

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