Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

This morning, we went to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque.  It had exhibits, pottery, weavings, carvings, paintings and a lot of interesting history.  I was only able to take pictures outside, (so that's what you'll see at the bottom)

At the entrance of the Center, was a beautiful sculpture depicting Native American warriors, in traditional and modern form.

The first exhibit we saw was the Indivisible exhibit, which was about African Native Americans and their life in the Americas.  It was really interesting to see the photographs and read the histories.

Next, we saw Gathering the Clouds, an exhibit on weaving and pottery.

After that, we looked at The Saints of the Pueblos, which was a pretty interesting (to me) look at how the Pueblo people accepted and molded Catholicism to fit their belief system.

Then, downstairs for a look at more art---carvings, beadwork, paintings, jewelry, metalwork. 

Finally---lunch at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe there at the Cultural Center!  YUM!  Aaron had stuffed frybread (which is like a tortilla, only lighter and fluffier).  It was stuffed with chicken and cheese.  I had a nambe relleno, which was a chili pepper stuffed with chicken and cheese, fried and covered with red chili salsa.

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