Monday, August 15, 2011

Riding the Retro in Denver

We had a couple people ask us what a "retro" flowrider was.  There are several different kinds of flowriders:  the beach break (like Massanutten or the majority of the waves on the flowtour, it just goes up and over), the curl (like B-Max at Wavehouse in San Diego), and the retro (which is not "up and over" like a beach break, but does curl like a curl, just not as hard.  For anyone who regularly rides a beach break, it feels like a constant state of flow decay right behind you). 

I didn't take pictures or videos of us riding.  I wasn't sure about seating, and I didn't want to just leave my camera sitting around, which is unfortunate because I would LOVE proof that I rode it!  I really liked riding the retro, Aaron enjoyed it as well, but it was harder for him as he had to relearn all his positioning and tricks.  I would definitely like to go back to Denver to ride this again.

Here is a video from youtube featuring the riders from Waterworld Denver (*please note that the song in the background has questionable language, if you are concerned, watch on mute*):

Thanks to all the riders at Waterworld, you really helped us have a great day in Denver!

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